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Preventative Medicine

Adult Wellness – We offer wellness visits for all ages.  These visits include a look at your overall health and an order for laboratory work if necessary.  We offer some adult vaccinations in our clinic. We recommend that you come in once a year for a physical for the benefit of your health.

Pediatric Wellness – At each visit we evaluate your child and offer appropriate immunizations. We also track his or her growth and development progress.  We recommend that each child visit our office according the to following schedule:

  • 5 day Well Child Check
  • 2 Week Well Child Check
  • 2 Month Well Child Check
  • 4 Month Well Child Check
  • 6 Month Well Child Check
  • 9 Month Well Child Check
  • 12 Month Well Child Check
  • 15 Month Well Child Check
  • 18 Month Well Child Check
  • 2 Year Well Child Check
  • Annual Well Child Check is recommended
Immunizations – We participate with the Vaccines for Children program funded by the State of Idaho. We follow the immunization schedule as recommended by the CDC. Please visit the Department of Health and Welfare website or the Center for Disease Control Website for further information.

Office Procedures

Vasectomy – This procedure is done in office as an outpatient procedure.  Dr. Burton performs this surgery for our patients. If you would like more information, please click here.

Wart Treatment – All of our physicians use cyrotherapy to remove (freeze) warts.

Mole/Skin Tag Etc removal – We provide services to remove unwanted or changing skin growths.

Toenail Removal – In the case that you have an ingrown toenail, our physicans can remove either a full or partial toenail in the office.

Cast application and removal – We have the ability to treat and manage simple fractures as well as remove casts when a fracture has healed.

Minor Wound Repair – We have the appropriate tools to close an open wound.

Circumcision – Our physicians also perform circumcisions on newborn babies.  We recommend that you bring your child in within two weeks to have this procedure done.

Medication Management

We treat several different conditions and require an annual visit to manage your medications.